I never used to cry this easy


#the only companion that didn’t want to see the doctor naked saw the doctor naked


Cold Wind - Becoming

Rovina Cai


why is it

"no boy will want you if you keep on with that feminist rubbish"

and not

"no girl will want you if you keep on being a misogynistic piece of shit"


Gillian Grossman



Why is Jack Skellington like this hero of emo culture he is basically the peppiest Motherfucker to ever exist.

Everyone seems to forget Jack got bored of the gloomy crap and then saw Christmas and was like, “I WANT THAT SHIT RIGHT NOW!”


This is the only description of bisexuals I will accept.

crisson asked: *When feminists make a "men's tears" joke* Dudes: That's not nice! You can't fight fire with fire!" *when guys make a "make me a sandwich bitch* joke* Dudes: learn to take a joke; you're so touchy!"



maybe i’m a goddamn bleeding heart hippie liberal but i’m totally down with paying an extra .50 cents for a thing of fries if the person who makes me those fries doesn’t have to work 3 jobs just to survive.

most studies show that prices would only have to go up by 1 to 3 cents in order to raise employee wages significantly

or, you know, the ceo’s could take pay cuts but that would be so hard for the poor multimillionaires